We believe that every parent and guardian who is guiding our future leaders are the real "Priority Teachers."  

Priority Teachers University mission is to deliver a safe and supportive learning environment that provides tools to decrease emotional and societal barriers within the community we serve.  

Supportive HiSET Training

Priority Teacher delivers a hands on approach for our adult learners.  We have now developed a hybrid course for in class and online training.  Contact us for more information.

Family & Financial Literacy

Workforce Development & Entrepreneurship


Our workforce development program goes beyond job placement.  Each participant will conduct a skill based training course to prepare them for their choose career field.


Provides offers quarterly workshops discussing debt management, credit collections practices,  understanding credit, and emotional spending habits.

Building an Informed Community.

Priority Teachers University provides quality adult education and workforce development training for adults living with mental illness and their support system.  Our programs are centered around the needs of each individual.

Educational Goal

Provide an adult education training environment where students our among their peers who are getting support from others who are living well with a serious mental illness.

Financial Education Goal

Our objective is to help participants understand debt, collections, how to budget on a fixed income, and look at the root causes of spending habits.

Workforce Development Goals

PTU believes in providing a person centered training program that goes beyond just job placement.   The ultimate decision maker in the career plan is the individual.