Over twenty years ago Teresa and I met working at a small YMCA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  During that time we were young women who started off as youth worker interns and our initial role was to provide data support and assist our Directors with youth programming.  Throughout our training we expressed to our Program Directors that we were tired of watching the young ladies sit and watch the young men play basketball and we wanted something special for the girls. 


Early on in our careers we learned that before you complain about the problem it is always best to also provide some alternative solution.  That first year we developed a program called Multi-Cultural Society that represented the diverse group of young women in the local neighborhoods we served.   Our program included mutli-cultural cooking classes, entrepreurship trainings, college prep, etiquette classes, and instead of the young ladies watching the basketball games we sold snacks and had baked sales during tournaments that allowed us to raised money and go on amazing fields trips.  


Fast forwarding to the future both of us have found our way to the bluff city to be closer to our loved ones who choose to relocate to the mid-south.   As transplant for over a decade we have had the opportunity to enjoy living in this secret gem known as Memphis.  More importantly we will not stop working to see the success in the people that we not only assist but are inspired by.  


Our classrooms will look different and the some of the methods of teaching will change but we want you to know our committment will not.


Tinieka Thrailkill and Teresa Morton


A Love Letter from the Founders